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Northumberland Logs

If you were a customer of Northumberland Logs we welcome you to our new firewood webpage and log supply business.

The estate woodland comprises circa 400 acres. Due to the execution of our woodland management plan we have available a wide range of timber some of which is suitable for firewood whether it is hard wood or soft wood.

We are a small firewood producer who believes in offering a quality product and not quantity, the benefits of burning properly seasoned dry firewood can literally be felt by heat produced. Wet unseasoned firewood is a false economy, have you ever heard of burning water to produce heat!

Included in the woodland management plan is an on-going planting policy for Christmas trees. These are made available for the public to purchase throughout December, whether it is fell your own or purchasing a tree ready felled. The varieties available are Nordman and Spruce.

For years I can clearly remember sitting in front of fire listening to the hissing as the steam escaped from the logs and quickly throwing a further bucket  of coal on to compensate for the wet unseasoned logs. The old system was not set up for producing firewood, it was very often a job which was done when there was nothing else to do and as a result was done too late, we therefore never had enough and were always burning the freshly cut unseasoned  firewood. Now with the increasing cost of oils and gas and the improved efficiency of solid fuel stoves dry seasoned firewood is an economical alternative. Now a days there is no excuse for burning wet unseasoned firewood.

This experience and modern circumstances has driven us to where we are now. Our timber is felled stacked and seasoned, the rounds are then processed and stored under cover before we deliver. This whole process can take up 2 years ensuring what we sell is properly seasoned. If our firewood is not seasoned we will not sell it. We check the moisture content of our firewood with the aim being to keep the moisture content below 20% aiming for 15%.

In addition we can also supply you with kiln dried firewood which is produced in the North East and not imported, when buying kiln dried double check it is not imported, very often it is more expensive and inferior.

We supply our firewood in a tipping trailer as against dumpy bags. If there is a growing demand for delivering in dumpy bags we will look at it. Currently we believe we can offer the best service and firewood with the current delivery method, whilst keeping our prices competitive, our prices for 2013/2014 season have not been increased thereby encouraging new customers to give us a go. We believe you will not be disappointed.


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Cut Your Own Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are available for you to cut yourself, plus a range of pre-cut trees for convenience.

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