The estate is into growing and developing its new enterprises to counteract the unpredictability of farming with the aim being to develop a more sustainable business for the future. Farming is by no means being forgotten, we are always looking at new ways to improve our farming business.

The developing new enterprises include Northumberland Logs, cut your own Christmas tree, DIY livery and holiday accommodation.

Northumberland Logs

Meldon Park Estate is the home of Northumberland Logs, a sustainable firewood company which utilizes wood from the estate and the surrounding North East. The estate has created 100 acres of wholly new woodland over the last 3 years adding to the previous 400 acres, as part of their efforts to produce sustainable energy supplies for the estate. Three district heating systems have been installed fueled by wood chip off estate woodland. This has made a significant difference to the properties whilst also providing economical heat and hot water for the tenants.

Christmas Trees at Meldon Park

Each year the Estate hosts the ‘Cut your own Christmas tree at Meldon Park’ event. This is a unique experience for families to choose and cut their own tree on the run up to Christmas. The event has grown year on year and we are now witnessing a growing interest in cutting your own Christmas tree with many new families whilst also welcoming some of our regular customers, some who have been coming for over 30 years. As a result of this enterprises growing interest we are looking at evolving this festive experience.